What Is Normal? – Dr. John Beahrs' "Common Sense Psychology"

  1. Normal people do what makes them feel good and what makes those they care about feel good and then reflects back upon themselves.
  2. Normal people do what they perceive will fulfill goals which they have set for themselves; when these are lacking, they do their best to define their goals or a sense of direction in life.
  3. Normal people do what they perceive is in accord with or furthering their basic values and beliefs about what is important to life.
  4. Normal people like to have fun.
  5. Normal people also like to discipline themselves when they perceive that this will be to some later advantage.
  6. Normal people do what enhances their sense of pride in themselves and their sense of having some place in the order of reality.
  7. While normal people like to feel safe, they also seek a certain amount of adventure and like to rise to the challenges of life.
  8. Normal people enjoy loving and being loved.
  9. Normal people enjoy a certain amount of competitive aggression.
  10. Normal people feel better when they can identify with and have faith in something beyond themselves.