Dale B. Mortimer, M.D.

Child, adolescent, and general adult psychiatrist in Vancouver, Washington.

Psychiatrist Dr. Mortimer wearing a suit with stethoscope draped over neck

Looking for a psychiatrist in Vancouver, Washington / Portland, Oregon area?

Dr. Mortimer is a physician — specialized in general adult psychiatry and child & adolescent psychiatry.

New-Patient Forms

Please print, fill out, and bring these new-patient forms to your first appointment with Dr. Mortimer.

Save time and money, get it right the first time.
Patients who make treatment a high priority typically achieve a satisfactory outcome within twelve office visits!

Contact & Location

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H. H. Hall office building

Dr. Mortimer's office is located in the H. H. Hall Building, two blocks west of I-5 (exit 5) and one block north of NE 99th St.


photo of Dr. Mortimer at desk, writing on paper and smiling at the camera

Dale B. Mortimer, M.D.

Dr. Mortimer is a physician, fully trained in general adult psychiatry as well as child & adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Mortimer has served as: Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine/Psychiatry at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific; and Volunteer Clinical Faculty for OHSU Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Mortimer now enjoys the distinction of having the longest–established, out–patient private psychiatric practice in Clark County, in Vancouver, Washington. As part of the written treatment contract, Dr. Mortimer will do his best to provide his patients with competent medical/psychiatric assessment and treatment.

In addition to providing psychotherapy, he is also a nationally recognized expert on psychopharmacology. He can efficiently and effectively identify optimal medications and dosing for treating ADHD patients, and quickly identify drug interactions likely to be causing psychiatric symptoms. Patients who are willing to honor their written treatment contract with Dr. Mortimer — and who are willing to make treatment with him a very high priority — will usually achieve a satisfactory treatment outcome within twelve office visits!

Photo of Jill, the Office Manager,

Jill Messinger

Jill is the first person you will see at the office. As the Office Manager, Jill has worked with Dr. Mortimer since 2004 in Vancouver, Washington. You can count on Jill to expertly understand and communicate your medical insurance benefits, score normed symptom/behavioral checklists (completed by patients, parents, or teachers), and liaison with pharmacies, pharmacy benefits managers, and medical insurance representatives on your behalf.